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Girnar Fusion Collection Luxury Chest

Girnar Fusion Collection Luxury Chest

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Re-define variety with our finest fusion collection;

Just ‘Dip and Sip’ or ‘Stir and Sip’ to indulge in any and every flavour that’s worth-mention!

This vintage chest opens doors to the wide variety of palate pleasers we offer. Relish our much loved Instant Chai Premixes and Non-chai Premix delights at any time of the day. Or enjoy the all-time pleasers of Green teabags, Black teabags and herbal Infusions — all individually foil-wrapped and neatly placed in a luxurious, sleek, matte-finished, jet black wooden presenter.

For tea lovers who would love to keep ALL their favourite sips on speed-dial !

Gift Form

Wooden Presenter

Gift Dimensions

15 Slot Presenter : 30 cm x 20.5 cm x 13 cm [l x b x h]


The Fusion’s Collection Luxury Chest, contains combination of Tea Bags & Instant Premixes of the following varieties: 1) Green Teas - Detox, Lemon & Honey, Ginger, Tulsi 2) Black Teas - Darjeeling 3) Infusion Dip Bags - Cool Peppermint, Camomile & Honey 4) Instant Tea Premixes - Masala Chai Premix (With Sugar, Low Sugar & Stevia), Cardamom Chai Premix (With Sugar, Low Sugar & Stevia), Ginger Chai Premix (With Sugar, Low Sugar & Stevia), Saffron Chai Premix, Lemongrass Chai Premix, Lemon Tea premix, Calming Green Tea 5) Iced Teas - Lemon Iced Tea & Peach Iced Tea 6) Other Instant Premixes - Kashmiri Kahwa, Masaledar limbooz, Dry Fruit Milk, Haldi Doodh & Coffee 3 In 1

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