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Girnar Instant Tea Premix With Lemongrass (1kg Vending Pack)

Girnar Instant Tea Premix With Lemongrass (1kg Vending Pack)

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We commonly hear that most of tea’s taste is in its aroma.

Add a note of Lemongrass to it and you have an olfactory delight in your cup!

A native of South-East Asia, Lemongrass is also called the Aromatic Healer. It is smooth and fragrant when steeped in a cup of Chai. Lemongrass confers a delicate Meyer Lemony taste, a subtle dash of sweet Ginger and its trademark floral fragrance to strong Desi Chai, leaving you with a smooth mouthfeel and clean finish.

All this without the brewing wait. Or numerous ingredients to accumulate. Girnar’s Lemongrass Chai Premix is ready in an instant! Just add hot water to this premix and indulge.  

~  This pack is suitable only for Vending Machine use  ~

Serving Style

1kg sealed pouch of loose premix powder, serves approximately 71 cups.


Dairy Whitener, Sugar, Tea Extract & Lemongrass.

Directions to Use

Add hot water, stir well and enjoy. Ideal for Vending machine use only.

Storage Instructions

Once opened, empty the premix powder in the Vending machine container or store in an air-tight container.

Age Range Description

9 Months (From The Month & Year Packed)

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