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Northern Lights

Northern Lights

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This amber liquid is a perfectly flavoured energising drink. It has earthy undertones in the aroma and taste, complemented by a light bodied mouthfeel to finish with. A scintillating blend that will give you just the kick of intensity that you need.

By packing this tea in a vintage brown pouch, personalised with handwritten tea notes, we’ve tried to re-fabricate the old-school Tea Auction packs. This 100g pouch is aluminium-lined and hermetically sealed, ensuring freshness. 

~  The unique Northern Lights are seen only when multiple factors are in sync; it is this exclusivity we want to mirror with this drink  ~


Assam Orthodox Wholeleaf Tea

Age Range Description

12 Months From Packaging

Steeping Notes

Water - 100ml/cup, Temp - 100°C (212°F), Leaves - 2g/cup, Time - 2 Mins.

Ideally Consumed

Anytime In a Day


With Milk &/or With Sugar OR Drink Plain


Thin & Light



Growth Elevation

60 m




Assam, India

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